Choosing the Ideal Hairstyle for an Extended Face Shape: A Complete Guide for Men

First of all

Your facial shape is one of the most important things to take into account when it comes to grooming. Every face shape is different, and in order to bring out the best in each feature, particular styling methods must be used. The oblong face shape necessitates considerable thought when selecting a haircut due to its elongated appearance and well-defined angles. Even while an oblong face can seem powerful and manly, it can benefit greatly from specific haircuts that create dimension and balance the features of the face. This article will discuss several haircut choices that can accentuate the inherent features of the oblong face shape and make you look put together and self-assured.

Knowing the Shape of the Oblong Face

The characteristics of an oblong face shape should be understood before diving into particular hairstyles. An oblong face has straight sides, a high forehead, a well-defined jawline, and is generally longer than it is wide. Hairstyles that soften angles, give the appearance of width, and detract from the elongated structure are frequently necessary for this face shape.

Hairstyle Suggestions for Long Face Shapes

1 Side-swept bangs with a textured crop:

  • This haircut gives the top of the head more volume and texture to give the appearance of width.
  • Side-swept bangs contribute to the general balancing of the face’s proportions by shortening the forehead.

2 Traditional Pompadour:

  • The traditional pompadour, which features short sides and a thick top, gives the crown volume and balances the face.
  • This cut shortens the appearance of a longer face by drawing attention upward.

3 Medium Length Layered:

  • Medium-length hair in a layered cut can help to soften the angles of the face and produce a more balanced appearance.
  • Layers give the face dimension and texture and provide the impression that it is wider.

4 Textured Top with Taper Fade:

  • The contrast between the longer sides and the fuller top of a taper fade haircut with a textured top gives the face more perspective.
  • By detracting from the face’s length, the textured top gives the appearance of balance.

5 Partted hair on the side:

  • A hairstyle with some volume at the sides and a side part gives the face width, which reduces its appearance of length.
  • Additionally, it contributes to the general enhancement of the facial structure by giving the impression of a more defined jawline.

Style Advice and Upkeep

Regular haircuts and styling products are necessary to keep the hair in place and well-groomed in order to maintain these hairstyles. By adding structure and grip to the hair, a high-quality styling product like wax or pomade can help keep the hair from looking lifeless and flat. A competent hairstylist may also offer tailored suggestions depending on the texture and density of your hair, guaranteeing that the chosen style accentuates the features of your face.

In summary:

For an oblong face shape, choose the appropriate haircut is essential to improving appearance and producing a harmonic, well-balanced style. Men with oblong faces can polish their appearance and accept their distinctive characteristics with confidence by experimenting with different haircuts and styling methods as discussed above. Anyone may accentuate their best features and project charm and confidence with the appropriate haircut and upkeep.

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